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Networks of Grace

In his book The Hope: a Guide to Sacred Activism, Andrew Harvey defines Sacred Activism as a force of compassion in action destined to midwife the birth of a new humanity able to co-create with the Divine a new world. According to Harvey, "This great birth will have to come about as the result of a massive grassroots mobilization of the hearts and committed wills of millions of people." The vehicle for this mobilization Harvey believes will be through what he calls "Networks of Grace".

At Full Moon Sanctuary, one our ministries will be focusing on the Technology of Community, the knowledge about how to cooperate to get things done, and will be creating an online community of inter-connected "cells" dedicated to changing the world, and organized through "Networks of Grace." 

These Networks of Grace are all about taking charge of what we want the world to look like. We now know that our leaders either can't, or won't, do this for us, and that it's time for us to take charge of the future. The NOGs allow us to set up networks of people, ideas, philosophies, conscious business, and our passions. Let us know if you're interested in participating. We'll be creating the model.

Here's What We'd Like To Do

We want to set up a 3-tiered social collaboration and community website - starting locally, and eventually moving out to regional and global fields, with the ability for each of us to set up our personal Networks of Grace. Each member cell would be the "center" of their own network in one or more Profession, Passion, and Service categories, and have the ability to set up their own networks through each of the tiers. Perhaps we'll even eventually develop our own currencies that cannot be manipulated to create out-of-control wealth for an elite few, struggle and poverty for the remainder of humanity.

Three Tiers: Local/Regional/Global, 

Three Categories: Profession/Passion/Service

You create your own individual listing (cell) becoming the “center” of your network, building your Network of Grace with whomever you want. What kind of networks? People with whom you share a passion, like Transition Communities or metaphysics, people with whom you share a profession, like facilitators, ministers, therapists, teachers, organizers, and people with whom you share a purpose or goal...People you can trade with, network with, buy, sell services - list is endless.

What We Have, What We Need

We are currently researching and examining different social community and collaboration technology and software. Some of the software we've looked at include Kickapps, Boonex (free), and Ning. We need others to help research the best applications.

To purchase software for what we want to build probably starts at about $15K. Even free community software isn't cheap - we'll need custom developers who are familiar with the platform we use to create some of the custom apps we'll undoubtedly need. We need Angels.

There's a great software program called FreeMind for mapping networks and projects, along with a video demo.

We need a steering committee:  People who are willing to brainstorm how this will work.

To jump on the bandwagon with us, call Gary at 206-779-5870 or email him a with the subject line "Networks of Grace."

Last, we need what we don't even know what we need. It's all unfolding before us.

Coming Soon

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