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About Full Moon Sanctuary

Full Moon Sanctuary of Venus Rising  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual organization, an InterFaith congregation of Venus Rising, Inc., A Church Corporation, and part of the Shamanic Ministersí Global Network, a worldwide association of Shamanic Ministers ordained through the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts. The ministers of Full Moon Sanctuary are trained to hold Shamanic Consciousness in Every Day Life, and share the same commitmentó that of supporting those we serve, members of our congregation, friends and family in embracing one basic concept central to the shamanic perspective: This concept is that the cycle of death and re-birth is a constant and that our lives become incredibly enriched when we consciously embrace this awareness rather than fight it. While individual Shamanic Ministers within this global network may use different tools to awaken shamanic awareness within those around them, all begin with this core understanding.

The Shamanic Ministers ordained through Venus Rising have all demonstrated a desire to heal themselves of their own fear and resistance to the eternal cycles of change and to also assist others in the healing process. It is the belief of all involved in the Shamanic Ministersí Global Network that holding a deeply personal and creative relationship with these processes of change will help create a better world here on planet earth. Through right relationship with ourselves, our congregation, our friends, family and the earth itself, each of us can become the change we want to see in the world.

Ordained Priestess Anyaa McAndrew walks the path of the Divine Feminine, and as such, believes that the Feminine Face of God is returning to our spiritual awareness to renew and regenerate the planet at this time of the Great Shift. Anyaa's work with women over the past 36 years, is intended to empower the feminine within us all to claim her rightful place in the evolution of our collective consciousness and heal us from the wounds and misuse of power of the last 5,000 years. Anyaa's processes for women, including the Shamanic Priestess ProcessTM & the Shamanic Magdalene ProcessTM, are vehicles for women to re-claim their birthright as healers, teachers, and co-creators. Anyaa believes that the feminine is leading the way towards a new dawn of possibility in the coming times, and she calls women to step into their love, their passion and their gifts to the world through walking as priestesses, women living their lives in a sacred way.

Gary - the Right Reverend Dr. G, author of Awakening the New Masculine: The Path of the Integral Warrior - is an active participant in the Integral Movement, and as such, believes we are participants in a single spiritual evolution. In Integral Spirituality, it is wholeness that we seek: the integral embrace of east and west, science and religion, eros and logos, and of  humanity with God.  Gary's path is primarily working with men through his Integral Warrior workshop series, introducing them to cutting edge integral and developmental systems theory, the timeless wisdom and altered-state consciousness of the shaman, the Jungian archetypes of the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover, and long-missing men's initiation and rituals. This blending of paradigms creates a new way of teaching and learning that gives men an opportunity to step into the fullest expression of the Sacred Masculine.

Anyaa & Gary together work with couples to find Sacred Purpose in their relationships and Sacred Union within themselves. They believe that when the masculine and feminine come together on a healing path in the context of relationship, we find a direct path to God-dess, Spirit, All That Is, which then manifests our collective dream of bringing Heaven to Earth in the coming times. Anyaa & Gary offer processes and workshops for couples, and formats for renewing and healing in relationship with others and within ourselves. A large part of Anyaa & Gary's Sacred Purpose as a couple is to walk in and model committed partnership, for the conscious manifestation of all that we require to live lives of passion, purpose and service in community and in the larger world.


Board of Directors

Anyaa T. McAndrew - Minister, Co-founder and Director

Gary L. Stamper - Minister, Co-Founder and Director

Colleen Gardner - Board member

Susan Kerr - Board Member

Anne McQuinn - Board Member

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